Kitchen decorating

I was looking through the greeting cards section at the thrift store recently and found a booklet of postcards by  Claude Monet that I found very beautiful and quite the deal! I got them for 50 cents and just love them on my tiles in the kitchen. I felt almost discouraged having tile in our kitchen for difficulty with hanging pieces of decor and whatnot, but these worked wonderfully with some 3m heavy duty mounting squares to stay put. I also potted a flower in a thrifted tea cup and was excited that it’s cost was 50 cents as well. Check out the look I achieved for $1.00 pictured below! Now that doesn’t include the other plant or bowl of fruit but you can see how fabulous that $1 was for achieving this look. Check out Claude Monet’s gallery. I loved his beautiful postcards that I was lucky enough to find.


I decided to keep going with the European feel I was having in the kitchen and found this cute basket and scrap of linen to add a pop of color to the counter space for $3.50. I thought it was fun.


I also found a mini cutting board and small wooden spoons to somehow add in to the look. I haven’t decided if I’ll hang them somehow or just set them out but I thought they were nice. $2.50 total. I have really enjoyed woodburning  as of late so maybe I’d use these for one of those projects. Their are a lot of fun things you can make and I find it very relaxing.


The other postcard I found was by Vincent Van Gogh and his piece called Iris’s and this other postcard  of the Westminister Abbey in wintertime which I loved . $1.00 for both.


Lastly, I had to decorate with my mini clogs souvenir that I got while on a trip to Holland to add something to my windowsill.


I hope you enjoyed my European inspired thrifted pieces for the kitchen! I love how all of this tied together. It was quite fun finding these pieces at rock bottom prices. You’d never know how inexpensive it all was and that’s the fun I find in thrifting.

Good luck in finding those pieces that catch your eye and achieve the look you were hoping for.

Photo gifts under $5

Photography. Isn’t it wonderful? Capturing a special moment that you’ll have a lifetime is such a timeless treasure.

I love photo gifts. The options and variations available are in endless supply at any thrift store. And at rock bottom prices it’s a must buy for a loved one.

The wonderful thing about these gift options is that they can be small in size, inexpensive in price, and easy to ship to those living far away.

As I have sifted through these items many times before, I have come up with some helpful tips when on the lookout for these gifts.

Be careful of the frames. I nearly stay away from them now unless they seem new and in excellent condition. Instead choose a small photo book that can be easily tucked away and taken out as desired. They are great for those trying to have less possessions as well as  they don’t take up much space.

Prices vary between 25 cents to $1.00 for the pictured items below. I literally didn’t spend more than that on these items. For photo development I suggest Walgreens photo   as they almost always have photo developing deals of 40-50% off. Just enter the promo code shown on their site at check out. Development is available in a 4×4 size as well which worked great for these projects.

I also recommend photo cubes and wood blocks. The wood blocks can  be used for a photo transfer. My next project will be transferring photos to these wooden blocks that I got for $1.00. What a steal! The photo cube I gifted to a friend. It was a $1.99 and could be put on her desktop at work. I know that she loved it.

Lastly, I suggest photo magnets. I love them and Michaels has a great supply. Their store is great also because you can always use coupons on your purchases.


I hope that you all enjoyed these photo project ideas. Not only are they easy but inexpensive as well! They are great for stocking stuffers at Christmas, a perfect accompaniment to a birthday card, and great for family and friends!

Thrifting and Minimalism

The thrift store itch. I believe it’s a thing. Who doesn’t like a good deal right? It’s fun to save money on your purchases, get the deeply discounted steals, and feel success when stumbling upon that special find. But it’s easy to get off track. It’s easy to over acquire quickly and buy things just to buy them with no real thought or plan behind the purchase. And just like that, you find yourself with way more stuff than needed and you don’t know how you got there in the first place!

Impulse buys, the cheap thrill, the project that you thought you’d complete but you never actually did. We can all be guilty. But what if you still want to do the projects? What if you still want to be a thrifty shopper but also pursue a life with far less possessions? Can a thrift store hobbyist pursue minimalism? I feel that if we utilize thrift stores as a way to save money on needs that we would have otherwise spent double for, with restraint of course, it can be possible. Let our shopping be led more by needs and less by impulse. With some fun thrown in of course!

Have thrift stores be the means and minimalism be the way. It’s a win-win combination with the right measure of thought and purpose behind the purchases. I’ll show through my blog that it is possible and still quite fun.

I am still learning the exact recipe and balance myself, but the one thing that has changed is my mindset. I look at purchases differently now that I want to live with less possessions in our home. I stop and ask the important questions first.

  • Why am I buying this?
  • Is it necessary or do I have a plan or purpose for it?

It’s in this paused moment that you just may change your mind.

I like to give. I enjoy being thoughtful to my loved ones. I want to give to many. A giver of time, a giver of conversation, a giver of friendship. But I do still want to be a giver of gifts. I believe we can still give those gifts to our friends and loved ones. That we can still give to our new neighbors and co-workers.

We can still show random acts of kindness with both our thoughts and time but also with gifts. It can all work out. Just be a thrifty thinker.

I am currently a stay at home Mom and we have one household income. By shopping thrift stores I am saving our family a great deal of money each month and it helps in our overall budgeting. Is this the only way I shop? Absolutely not. I most definitely pay full price for many things. It’s a juggling act and figuring out what you are willing to pay more money for and what you are not.

I’ve looked at a $5.00 dollar bill a lot differently now that I shop at thrift stores. It can go further then you may think and it’s fun to find ways to make the dollar stretch. Life can be expensive but why not find ways to ease the financial stress?

You don’t have to make it about an elaborate junk to treasure flip. (While I think those are great) Flea Market Flip for example, it isn’t always easy to do on the day-to-day. Think easy. Think thoughtfully. Think purposefully. And not in excess! Get what you need and that’s it. I’m excited to share my ideas with you!

Here’s to finding the balance and still living life fully. I am working on that special recipe and how shopping looks. It won’t seem much different as long as you tap into your thrifty thinking!

A special thank you to my husband for encouraging me to listen to Les Brown last night. I needed his passionate  and energetic encouragement! Check him out sometime. He’s a sure motivator that can really inspire and help you push through negative self talk and doubts.

The Best Time Is Now

Have you ever had an idea that you just kept going back to and it never really left your mind? Maybe it was something that you’ve always wanted to do or it was something that just popped into your mind and you couldn’t shake it? That maybe you’d do this something when you had more time or when things settled and weren’t as crazy. Or you would never do it and you had accepted that it was fine either way. Or you would say to yourself, “Why bother, what’s the point?”. I mean, I’m not an expert after all. Isn’t the mind fun sometimes? What if you just went for it? What if nothing stopped you? What if you were “uncontainable” and pursued something that you’ve wanted to do but talked yourself out of it for whatever reason time and time again? I liked that word when I stumbled upon it in my recent readings of Joel Osteen’s book , Breaking Out! 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life . The word, uncontainable. It jumped out off of the page immediately. No restraining. No holding back. It’s happening and that’s that. Or I have to let it go once and for all.

I’ve had to literally dwell in inspirational quotes, delve into inspirational authors. I’ve had to listen to my soul and what is calling to it and understand it and either push it away (again, which I knew wasn’t right, atleast for me). Or realize that maybe it was time I got some courage. Time I let go of an insecurity. That I’d have to allow myself to possibly experience failure & how I’d deal with that. To feel insecure or nervous. To feel uncomfortable  and to decide to just give it a go. For me that nagging something was blogging. It has been two whole years that I’ve wanted to do it, would partially start, but then back away. I Let fear win. What was I fearing? Why was I feeling restrained?

In less than a month I’ll be living in a country that I’ve never been to and their are a lot of unknowns. I won’t have a more perminent  home for a while, I’ll be without most of our home posessions for a while, I’ll know no one for a while, I’ll feel like I’m starting over for a while. But somehow I’m feeling uncontainable. Unable to stop from starting this blog that I’ve wanted to start for 2 years and I’ve got a nagging feeling the time is now. I’m not waiting till I’m more settled and situated. Or until I learn the ins and outs of blogging better first. Or after the kids are back in another school. Or when I feel I have more time. Or when 10 perfectly edited posts are created first to make sure I’ve even got enough material to start a blog in the first place. No.
My Life on this military journey is ever changing, full of readjustments, full of to-do’s that do not include starting a blog. But I’ve let those inspirational quotes seep into my mind & soul. I’ve let these authors inspire me. If I’m feeling drawn to this & I can’t shake it then I am to make a choice. And so here I am. Blogging. And it may seem like a simple idea to many, but it was hard to come to for me. Hard to give it a whirl and see where it would go and try something out of my comfort zone. I mean, what do I have to lose? Probably some sleep, but I’m ready to challenge myself. Ready to grow where I know I need to grow, and push myself a bit more. So here’s to my blog, Thriftcents, and having some fun being expressive! Did I mention I’m feeling some uncontainable excitement? Some uncontainable level of crazy that feels unstoppable? Well I am and it’s scary and kind of about time if you ask the other me.