The Best Time Is Now

Have you ever had an idea that you just kept going back to and it never really left your mind? Maybe it was something that you’ve always wanted to do or it was something that just popped into your mind and you couldn’t shake it? That maybe you’d do this something when you had more time or when things settled and weren’t as crazy. Or you would never do it and you had accepted that it was fine either way. Or you would say to yourself, “Why bother, what’s the point?”. I mean, I’m not an expert after all. Isn’t the mind fun sometimes? What if you just went for it? What if nothing stopped you? What if you were “uncontainable” and pursued something that you’ve wanted to do but talked yourself out of it for whatever reason time and time again? I liked that word when I stumbled upon it in my recent readings of Joel Osteen’s book , Breaking Out! 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life . The word, uncontainable. It jumped out off of the page immediately. No restraining. No holding back. It’s happening and that’s that. Or I have to let it go once and for all.

I’ve had to literally dwell in inspirational quotes, delve into inspirational authors. I’ve had to listen to my soul and what is calling to it and understand it and either push it away (again, which I knew wasn’t right, atleast for me). Or realize that maybe it was time I got some courage. Time I let go of an insecurity. That I’d have to allow myself to possibly experience failure & how I’d deal with that. To feel insecure or nervous. To feel uncomfortable  and to decide to just give it a go. For me that nagging something was blogging. It has been two whole years that I’ve wanted to do it, would partially start, but then back away. I Let fear win. What was I fearing? Why was I feeling restrained?

In less than a month I’ll be living in a country that I’ve never been to and their are a lot of unknowns. I won’t have a more perminent  home for a while, I’ll be without most of our home posessions for a while, I’ll know no one for a while, I’ll feel like I’m starting over for a while. But somehow I’m feeling uncontainable. Unable to stop from starting this blog that I’ve wanted to start for 2 years and I’ve got a nagging feeling the time is now. I’m not waiting till I’m more settled and situated. Or until I learn the ins and outs of blogging better first. Or after the kids are back in another school. Or when I feel I have more time. Or when 10 perfectly edited posts are created first to make sure I’ve even got enough material to start a blog in the first place. No.
My Life on this military journey is ever changing, full of readjustments, full of to-do’s that do not include starting a blog. But I’ve let those inspirational quotes seep into my mind & soul. I’ve let these authors inspire me. If I’m feeling drawn to this & I can’t shake it then I am to make a choice. And so here I am. Blogging. And it may seem like a simple idea to many, but it was hard to come to for me. Hard to give it a whirl and see where it would go and try something out of my comfort zone. I mean, what do I have to lose? Probably some sleep, but I’m ready to challenge myself. Ready to grow where I know I need to grow, and push myself a bit more. So here’s to my blog, Thriftcents, and having some fun being expressive! Did I mention I’m feeling some uncontainable excitement? Some uncontainable level of crazy that feels unstoppable? Well I am and it’s scary and kind of about time if you ask the other me.



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