Photo gifts under $5

Photography. Isn’t it wonderful? Capturing a special moment that you’ll have a lifetime is such a timeless treasure.

I love photo gifts. The options and variations available are in endless supply at any thrift store. And at rock bottom prices it’s a must buy for a loved one.

The wonderful thing about these gift options is that they can be small in size, inexpensive in price, and easy to ship to those living far away.

As I have sifted through these items many times before, I have come up with some helpful tips when on the lookout for these gifts.

Be careful of the frames. I nearly stay away from them now unless they seem new and in excellent condition. Instead choose a small photo book that can be easily tucked away and taken out as desired. They are great for those trying to have less possessions as well as  they don’t take up much space.

Prices vary between 25 cents to $1.00 for the pictured items below. I literally didn’t spend more than that on these items. For photo development I suggest Walgreens photo   as they almost always have photo developing deals of 40-50% off. Just enter the promo code shown on their site at check out. Development is available in a 4×4 size as well which worked great for these projects.

I also recommend photo cubes and wood blocks. The wood blocks can  be used for a photo transfer. My next project will be transferring photos to these wooden blocks that I got for $1.00. What a steal! The photo cube I gifted to a friend. It was a $1.99 and could be put on her desktop at work. I know that she loved it.

Lastly, I suggest photo magnets. I love them and Michaels has a great supply. Their store is great also because you can always use coupons on your purchases.


I hope that you all enjoyed these photo project ideas. Not only are they easy but inexpensive as well! They are great for stocking stuffers at Christmas, a perfect accompaniment to a birthday card, and great for family and friends!

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