Kitchen decorating

I was looking through the greeting cards section at the thrift store recently and found a booklet of postcards by  Claude Monet that I found very beautiful and quite the deal! I got them for 50 cents and just love them on my tiles in the kitchen. I felt almost discouraged having tile in our kitchen for difficulty with hanging pieces of decor and whatnot, but these worked wonderfully with some 3m heavy duty mounting squares to stay put. I also potted a flower in a thrifted tea cup and was excited that it’s cost was 50 cents as well. Check out the look I achieved for $1.00 pictured below! Now that doesn’t include the other plant or bowl of fruit but you can see how fabulous that $1 was for achieving this look. Check out Claude Monet’s gallery. I loved his beautiful postcards that I was lucky enough to find.


I decided to keep going with the European feel I was having in the kitchen and found this cute basket and scrap of linen to add a pop of color to the counter space for $3.50. I thought it was fun.


I also found a mini cutting board and small wooden spoons to somehow add in to the look. I haven’t decided if I’ll hang them somehow or just set them out but I thought they were nice. $2.50 total. I have really enjoyed woodburning  as of late so maybe I’d use these for one of those projects. Their are a lot of fun things you can make and I find it very relaxing.


The other postcard I found was by Vincent Van Gogh and his piece called Iris’s and this other postcard  of the Westminister Abbey in wintertime which I loved . $1.00 for both.


Lastly, I had to decorate with my mini clogs souvenir that I got while on a trip to Holland to add something to my windowsill.


I hope you enjoyed my European inspired thrifted pieces for the kitchen! I love how all of this tied together. It was quite fun finding these pieces at rock bottom prices. You’d never know how inexpensive it all was and that’s the fun I find in thrifting.

Good luck in finding those pieces that catch your eye and achieve the look you were hoping for.